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Pop-up house parties

Host or attend private house parties and meet cool people like you.


What is an ambianceur ?

The ambianceur is the organizer and host of the event. The ambianceur creates and posts event(s) by completing all necessary requirements (location, number of guests, entrance price, schedule, theme, music, hashtag).

What is an ambiancé ?

The ambiancés are invited guests to ambianceurs’ events. They look for events which correspond to their tastes in function of different criteria (location, price, theme etc.) and request to participate. If they are validated by the ambianceur, payment is debited and the ambiancés receive a confirmation of invitation with additional details like the exact location of the event.

What is an ambiançage ?

The ambiançage is the event that gathers an ambianceur and its ambiancés. It is usually an evening party but not necessarily, think garden party, anniversary, barbecue, pool party... There is something for every taste!

Is this legal ? Can I earn money with Excuse MyParty ?

Organizing a private party at home is legal. The financial contribution requested allows ambianceurs to cover organizational costs (decor, animation, food & drinks, etc.). We suggest you keep all receipts in case they are deemed necessary.

What about security ?

The required personal information allows Excuse MyParty to ensure its members interact in a safe environment and respect the charters of good conduct. We invite users to promptly notify any inappropriate behavior or comment. Content, commentaries or profiles deemed illicit or in violation of Excuse MyParty’s Terms and Conditions will be deleted from the website. The ambianceur always retains the right to confirm or refuse users’ requests to participate in events. To gain a better idea of your potential ambiances, we invite ambianceurs to check user profiles and their social networks before validating any ambiançage participation requests.

Where is Excuse MyParty available ?

Excuse MyParty is available all over the world. Our website is currently in French and English and allows the organization or participation of ambiançages all over the world.

What is Excuse MyParty’s business model?

The website is totally free. We take a 15% commission fee of the price of every spot sold as part of the service provided to connect users.

Is the payment system secure ?

We work with the payment system Stripe to offer you a simple and completely secure payment solution. Any payment made outside of Excuse MyParty’s platform does not offer any security and we cannot provide our guarantees if bookings are not made directly on the Excuse MyParty platform.

Can members get in touch before the ambiancage ?

Before an ambiancage, ambianceurs and ambiancés have the possibility to communicate thanks to our internal messaging system reserved to participants. To participate, it is necessary to reserve and pre-pay entry to the party by clicking on the book it button. Payment will only be debited if the ambianceur validates the participation to the ambiançage.

Why do I need to confirm my email address and  phone number ?

Your personal information is needed to get in contact with you in case any issues arise. You must keep your personal information updated in order to ensure your profile is verified.

Why my address is required ?

Addresses allow members of our community to approximately locate the area of your ambiancage. The precise address is never displayed on the platform. Only confirmed guests have access to the exact address of an ambiancage.

Why am I being asked to connect my social networks to my Excuse MyParty account ?

In order to ensure the maximum level of trustworthiness between users, we strongly advise you to be as transparent as possible by fully completing your profile and associating it with your social networks. A thorough presentation detailing your personality and your interests increases your chances of attracting ambiancés to your ambiançages.

How can I cancel my ambiançage?

The ambianceur is able cancel an ambiancage no later than 48h before its beginning, if ambiancés are already attending a small financial fee will be incurred. This fee allows us to cancel payments, alert guests via mail and SMS as well as cover fees charged by our payment system: Stripe. Ambiancés will be automatically refunded in case of cancellation.

Who can see my ambiançage?

By visiting excusemyparty.com, everyone can see and search for an ambiancage on the platform. But only registered members can request to participate in ambiancages. An option to restrict the visibility of ambiançages will be available soon.

How to decide  the number of participants?

As an ambianceur, you can freely choose the number of guests that you are ready and willing to accommodate. We advise you to choose a reasonable number of guests in accordance to the capacity of the place where the ambiancage will take place.

How to determine the entry price?

The entry price to an ambiançage is freely set by the ambianceur, in function of the budget he considers necessary to organize the event. The financial contribution requested is meant to finance the costs related to the ambiançage (decor, animation, food & drinks, etc.).

Who ensures safety?

As an ambianceur, you are liable for your guests.

How and when will I be paid?

You will receive your payment seven (7) days after the ambiancage by transfer to the bank account associated with your Excuse MyParty account. We require seven (7) days to ensure the ambiançage really took place before proceeding with the bank transfer. After seven (7) days, you will be able to activate the bank transfer from your dashboard. Note that you will have to upload a photo of your passport and fill in your address before your first transfer to validate your identity.

Can I refuse a participation request to my ambiançage?

You are totally free to accept or refuse a participation request to your ambiancage. If you refuse a participation request, the user will not be charged.

Am I still paid if my ambiancés do not come?

If an ambiancé does not cancel participation before the ambiançage date and if payment is confirmed, you will be paid even the ambiancé does not show up.

Can we invite friends to an ambiançage?

Users have the ability to reserve multiple entries to an ambiancage. In this case, the ambiancé specifies the number of places desired and pays for all his friends. To maximize your chances of being accepted to an ambiançage with all your friends, send a brief message to the ambianceur sharing a bit about your friends.

As a participant, should I bring anything?

You do not need to bring anything. Everything is included in the price, except if the ambianceur requests you bring something special in the ambiançage’s description.

What to say during a booking request?

To maximize your chances of participating in an ambiancage, we recommend you send a thoughtful message to the ambianceur when making the request about yourself or the friends with whom you would like to come with.